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Honor a Loved One with a Plant-A-Tree! 

For a minimum of $25, you will now receive a beautiful, full-color card to give to the recipient of your choosing!

“The true meaning of life is to plant a tree under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” - Nelson Henderson

Recognize the special people in your life with a distinctive and long-lasting tribute. A tree from Turtle Bay’s Plant-A-Tree program is a gift as unique as the people it honors. 

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Today, Turtle Bay Exploration Park and the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District are joining together to lend Mother Nature a hand in restoring native forest and riparian habitats on public land in Western Shasta County through the Plant-A-Tree program.  We are currently planting on Bureau of Land Management land in the China Gardens area of the Lower Clear Creek watershed.  This project aims to restore the riparian habitat, along Clear Creek in Redding between Whiskeytown and hwy. 273 approx. 4 miles from the Sacramento River.  The floodplain, damaged by decades of mining activity, is being replanted with groves of upland and riparian native species, including stands of cottonwood, willow and alder.

Interested in visiting this property?  Directions are provided below:

  • From Redding, Take Highway 273 south towards Anderson
  • Turn west onto Clear Creek Road; go approximately 1 mile to the China Gardens Trailhead (see attached map)
  • Park at the 1st BLM gate on the left; the gate is yellow
  • Walk in and down the road about a quarter mile.  You will see tree tubes to the right and signage marking the site.

A Plant-a-Tree Success Story!

Native forest destroyed in the 1992 Fountain Fire.

The native forest today with restoration planting

Recipients honored through the purchase of a stand or grove will also be recognized on our website. 
Plant-A-Tree honorees

Plant-a-Tree cards are an excellent choice for:

  • Memorials
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries

By purchasing a tree for $25, a stand of 5 trees for $100, or a grove or 30 trees for $500*, you contribute to the rehabilitation of forest and riparian habitats in Shasta County, while giving a unique, eco-friendly gift to celebrate a special occasion, or a long-lasting way to honor one or those who have touched our lives in some way.

*Groves my also be obtained through cumulative donations of individual trees that multiple people purchase in memory or honor of the same recipient.

With each Plant-A-Tree card, you'll do more than send a wish - you'll give the gift that lasts a lifetime.

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Donations to the Plant-A-Tree program are tax deductible.  Please retain your receipt for tax purposes. 
For more information about the history of the Plant-A-Tree program and for a list of Plant-A-Tree honorees, click here!

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