School Programs

More than 14,000 visitors a year experience our school tour programs, from northern California, western Nevada and southern Oregon, to learn about the Sacramento River region, science, art, history, forestry and horticulture.

For more information about California state curriculum requirements or to schedule a field trip call 530-242-3108.

Education programs & registration information

Turtle Bay offers a wide variety of educational programs that will fascinate your students with exciting hands-on activities that correspond with California state curriculum. 

All you need to know about registering your class for a visit to Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

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Teacher Documents

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Exploring The Forest

Nano: The Science of Small

Wintu Ways

Identity: An Exhibition of You

Life-Cycle Class

Current Exhibitions

Walk on the Wild Side Animal Show


Back for another year.... Five Star Bank presents the Walk on the Wild Side animal show! Marvel as a hawk flies inches from your head. See a porcupine up close and personal. Watch a fox use its tail to balance on a narrow edge. Join us for a fun-filled educational wildlife show, and see animals showcasing their natural behaviors in a captivating and inspiring atmosphere. This sh.. Learn More

Identity: An Exhibition Of You


We're all made up of different stories.... What's Yours? Identity: An Exhibition of You takes a look at YOU, exploring the physical, psychological, and social elements that make you tick! Identity uses the familiar (our body, our thoughts, our relationships) to make connections with the scientific (our genes, our brains, our roles in society). Identity weaves the latest b.. Learn More


Upcoming Exhibitions

Rock Penjing


Welcome to the ancient world of penjing. It’s a place where a lone, wind-blown tree grows meditatively from the side of a rocky cliff. Where the stunning beauty of Chinese landscapes have been captured in their grandest element and then, through an ancient art and the touch of a master gardener, reduced to a size that fits on a table. Penjing (pronounced “pen jin.. Learn More

More exhibitions coming soon!