Hotel Project Information and FAQs

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The Sheraton Redding at the Sundial Bridge hotel will be a 130-room, 4-star Sheraton hotel consisting of a ballroom that will seat 275 people for a meal and can be partitioned, a three meal restaurant (remodel of the Visitor’s Center) that will be attached to the hotel, a swimming pool, a wedding garden, and a long promenade for walking, riding a bike and can be used for community events. Turtle Bay is building the hotel in its effort to be more self-sustaining and operate on its own. Income generated from the hotel and restaurant will provide the Park with a new, ongoing revenue stream, helping Turtle Bay achieve greater independence and sustainability as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Where will the profits go from the hotel and restaurant?

ALL profits go to Turtle Bay for improvements and operations, to preserve and enhance the Park for the benefit of the community’s use and to attract tourists to the area.

Is the land river-front property?

No. None of the land is river-front property. In fact, most of the 14 acres was a parking lot and an empty dirt lot between Highway 44 and the Monolith.

How do you know this is the right location and the best business for the parcel?

Before Turtle Bay considered this hotel, an outside agency performed an economic study that identified this type of use to be a good fit for the property and a sound financial venture. Before we could get financing, the bank required three different studies, done by outside firms, that considered the demand, price point, occupancy rate, and how much income could be expected. The location and this use is the highest and best use considering the constraints of the lease.

Haven’t the recent new hotels along I-5 hurt other established hotels, and won’t this hotel just take money from the existing hotels?

No, in both cases. The new hotels along I-5 did their own demand studies, and, even with these newly constructed hotels, occupancy rates have remained fairly constant with hotels in Redding. Also, Hoteliers on Hilltop have supported the effort for this project because they believe that, as the Turtle Bay hotel does well and Turtle Bay does well, so will they. “Rising tide raises all ships.” Additionally, according to local hoteliers, there’s currently no Starwood property in Redding for their loyalty group customers, so bringing their customers to Redding creates a bigger hotel “pie” vs. cutting the existing pie into smaller pieces.

How does the city benefit from this project?

First, the city would receive a one time payment of $600,000 for the sale of the property. Additionally, with the hotel and restaurant in place, the city would get a conservatively projected $700,000/year in sales tax, hotel tax, and property tax (There is currently no property tax going to the city on the 14-acre parcel).

What about jobs?

There will be dozens of construction jobs for the one-year building project and 70 permanent hotel and restaurant jobs when the project is completed.

Once operational, how much money will the hotel and restaurant spend in the Redding area?

About $5 million/year will be spent in the community by the hotel and restaurant.

Where can I find the most up-to-date information about the hotel project?

Right here! Also, the 'Construction Updates' page is updated regularly.

When did construction begin? 

October 2015 and it is estimated to be completed summer 2017, weather dependent.

How much of the Park is unavailable to guests? 

-       Fencing for construction encloses the former Visitor’s Center, the parking lot outside it, the dirt lot near Highway 44, the Monolith, and cuts into the fee area of the Park, closing off a portion of the Forest Camp during hotel construction. Visitors will still be able to access the Forest Camp Amphitheater, the interactive water feature, Mill Building, Parrot Playhouse, Wildlife Woods, and Gifford Picnic Pavilion during this phase of construction, despite the new fence line.

Some of the playground equipment in Paul Bunyan's Forest Camp is gone! What happened?

-       Due to hotel construction fencing and a future plan to give the Forest Camp a facelift, some of the aging playground pieces in the Forest Camp (the osprey’s nest structure, the swings, and the maze) have been removed to make room for the new pieces we’ll be installing during the construction process (more details here!). The slide structure is remaining, but will be within the construction fencing area until the hotel is completed. The Forest Camp IS STILL ACCESSIBLE AND OPEN during construction, unless otherwise noted, outside of the playground area. 

Okay, but when will the Boardwalk reopen? 

Due to funding limitations and necessary renovations (more than we anticipated when we originally closed the Boardwalk in the first place), the Boardwalk does not currently have a re-opening date.  The Boardwalk is NOW OPEN!

So many trees have been taken down! What is happening and will more be replanted? 

Approximately 62 trees will be removed from Turtle Bay's campus during construction. At the completion of the project, a total of 237 trees will have been planted. 

Where do I park during construction? 

-       Guests have several options for parking during construction: the Sundial Bridge lot, the dirt lot adjacent to the Civic, the Civic lot, the rodeo grounds lot, and the parking lot at the west end of the Gardens, off of North Market Street. 

Are the animals okay during construction? 

-       Animal Care staff is watching the animals closely for signs of stress due to noise and/or dust in the Forest Camp. All of the animals that were still in Raptor Hollow have been moved to Wildlife Woods and now they are farther away from the construction. The animals will become more habituated to the noise and activity as the project progresses and Animal Care will continue to monitor them carefully. 

I'm interested in a job at the hotel. Where can I get that information? 

Head over to the Sheraton Redding Official Website

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