Age of Wonder


Exhibition Overview

Age of Wonder is a unique, original exhibition reflecting a wide range of interests and practices by thirteen contemporary Bay Area artists concerned with the natural world.  It includes poets, thinkers, scientists, archivists and artists creating eco-conscious works that draw attention to the challenges facing the contemporary world in relation to environmental consciousness.

Each artists works reflect the mystery and wonder of nature, imbuing it with personal expression and pointing the way towards new paradigms. The Age of Wonder attempts to bring these conduits of knowledge and creativity together to inspire and inform an audience at the threshold of science and new forms of art making in the 21st century.

Artists include:

  • Gary Brewer (curator)
  • Tiffany Bozic
  • Carrie Lederer
  • Aline Mare
  • Olivia E. Sears
  • Susan Middleton
  • Rick & Megan Prelinger
  • Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang
  • Isabella Kirkland
  • Mark Brest Van Kempen
  • Michael Bartalos

    Trophy fish by Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang

    Evolution by Susan Middleton

    Show catalogue by author DeWitt Cheng, a Bay Area art writer and critic, as well as a curator. This is Turtle Bay’s first in-house, show specific catalog since Bug Eyed. The catalog will be printed on sustainable papers using sustainable inks. 

    Supported by Walker Printing. Additional support from Lee & Judy Salter.

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